Facebook password!

hey all!
Today we have been discussing about the password security of facebook. recently one of my friends Facebook passord/account has been hacked and we wonder if Facebook account seriously that unreliable?

Most cases of facebook accounts being ‘hacked’ are actually simple user error installing spam facebook apps (e.g ‘see who’s viewing your profile apps’ are all malicious) and giving 3rd parties full access to much of their account capabilities.

There’s nothing inherently more insecure about facebook passwords than any other online service, it’s a popular service that attracts a lot of hacking and malware attention due to its huge popularity, and this is matched by its many non-technical and gullible users that click on anything and also set weak passwords.

  1. Make sure you are using correct Facebook login page to access your account. Directly type and open Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More from web browser (do not click any link to access Facebook login page).

  2. If you think your Facebook account is hacked but you can still login – quickly reset and change your Facebook account password.