Can facebook hack?

if someone said that he can hack facebook password, can it believe??

If you’re using a simple password which is easy to guess, then sure.

Long story short, don’t use a simple password, such as a word found in the dictionary. It’s also good to include numbers, capital letters, and even symbols to make the password more complicated.

can’t believe someone did It, I thought that he cheat me, thats why am asking this. but finally got, can’t think its guessing. this is the helper >><snip>

I don’t think anyone can easily hack your FB account. But some times this may happens. Some tips to prevent this,

  1. Don’t share your account information with anyone.
  2. Don’t use “Remember me” option, while you were accessing fb from a public system.
  3. Don’t use any Simple password, such as yourname, yourname123 etc etc.
  4. Try to avoid unwanted third party Facebook application. They can access your personal information.

Facebook hacking is possible… & its quite simple as well… so watch out…
don’t access to your profile from anywhere…(like cafes,offices etc)

The procedure is same as hacking a simple account. But, facebook has improved its service a lot.

Hackers can hack in all the time. But Facebook has this setting where if you try to log in from a different computer it even if you know the exact password it makes you go through a set of your friends pictures and name about 15 people. It can be found in the settings section some where. that should help with any hackers!

Trying to hack facebook is not a smart idea.

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