Facebook page missing from rankings

We’re trying to get this facebook page to rank higher for a google search for “guitar storage”. in fact, our facebook page doesn’t even rank at all for that term despite (at least my impression that) we’re doing everything right on the facebook page to make it search friendly. we’ve got a keyword friendly URL. we’ve got descriptions. we’ve got posts, pictures and videos that all relate to the topic. it’s a public page. we’ve got lots of followers.

so why doesnt it appear anywhere in a google search? i’ve looked at least 7 google results pages deep and was unable to find it. yet our pinterest page appears to be the 1st result on page 2 of google results.

what am i missing? please advise. thanks in advance!

That could depend on a lot of things. Your Facebook page optimization and the competition in your niche. The are free Google rank check services you can use to check your position in the search engine. Sometimes is way below 7th page.

There are ways to optimize your FB page, here are some tips.


Note that most of facebook is not indexed. You mention your posts having keywords in them. Those will never show up in search (at least not right now). The only thing that will show up in search for Facebook is info related to your main facebook URL. Do you have the keyword guitar storage in that? For instance facebook.com/guitarstorage? If not, I don’t think the page will rank well for that.

I would focus more on getting your website to rank and not the facebook page.