Im seriously confused - Someone please explain

Hi All

Im optimising a page for the keywords Tribute Band(s) to hire.
My query is, there is a site on page 1, position 2 of google called function central - they only have the keyword TRIBUTE BAND(s) twice in there source code, the 1st in the meta description and the 2nd in the meta keywords (it appears nowhere in the body tag). The keyword FOR HIRE only appears 3 times in text in a <UL> text link nearly at the bottom of the page.

They only have 215 backlinks according to backlinkwatch and 17 of those links have TRIBUTE BANDS in the anchor text

How are they ranking so well when the keywords aren’t even on the page, its not even in the title tag, there’s no keyword density to take into consideration etc etc

It seems to defy all that is preached about SEO

Someone please explain

Thanks in advance

How does this defy what you’ve learned? A single PR9 link with the anchor text “tribute bands for hire” from a related site would probably make it the #1 result. Without the text appearing ANYWHERE on the page.

You don’t have to spam a keyword all over the place to rank for it, even rank well. Backlinks from contextually relevant sites that themselves have good PR give you a lot of weight. A couple of those links being particularly strong and using the search phrase in the anchor text is a huge sign to a search engine that this is likely the page the searcher wants to find.

The other things is that they might be in business for many long years and many people might be well conversed with that brand too. Apart form that if you are completely reliable on a brand which offers you well customer service then its definitely that they will rank higher.

Dan, I fully understand your explanation

Dorothy, I dont understand what your saying, could please elaborate

The irony is that you just helped them some more by making that post using the keyword phrase and their website name you’ve added a little bit of releveance for them and improved their internet branding a little. Doesn’t matter that it’s not a link to their site, it’s still a little bit more info for Google to use to make a decision about where to rank people when someone uses that keyword phrase ins a search.

Ahhh, Branding - Dorothy + JJ = Understand Now