I have a facebook fanpage with more than 900,000 (real) likes, but

I am new in this forum.
I have a celebrity website with a facebook fan page with more than 900,000 (real) likes, but i am not earning and/or doing nothing with it.
Can you tell me if it is possible to post pictures and preview video pictures in the facebook fanpage linking to my website?
I don’t know how to do that …
I think, my fan facebook page is having lot of traffic to not earning nothing …
I will appreciate your help.

Hi Pablo,
Yes, it certainly is possible. Have a read through the official Facebook help guide and get back to us if you have more specific questions.

absolutely it’s possible, it is somewhat reason for facebook pages to exist in the first place :smile:

Thanks from your replies.

I would appreciate if you can help me with more details and examples pleasee
Now my facebook fanpage has 934,000 likes and it continues growing up.
This fanpage and the website are generating a few cents daily. I think with the “numbers” i told you, i must be earning much more money.
I read driving traffic from a facebook fanpage to my website with for example “woobox” is against facebook tos.
Can you help me please?
I would like to post video previews (video images) linking to my website … driving the trafffic to a specific page of my website.
The same posting photos.
Any idea how to do that and not doing it against facebook tos?
Also other ideas would be appreciates :smiley:

Thanks in advance :smile:

Really, this is great but I don’t think these are natural fan likes. Check profile of some fans

How do you know? He hasn’t linked to his site. :wink:

Hi pablom,

Perhaps monetising youtube videos with ads might be a good way if you’re linking to videos?

You could also look at monetising links such as adfly etc, that use an intermediary url shortener

These all like organic or paid???

I think the (real) means that they are organic.

You can make some money by advertising other websites on your page.

Please note that the question is specifically about using this fan page to drive traffic to the web site:

First, make sure your site has proper ad content (not annoying popups, but a balance of ads with content)

Second, create original content on your page daily.

Third, link to the original content from your FB page.

Fourth, make sure your FB page is in the correct category. For some reason FB won’t show new posting to page fans for some categories. Look around for similar pages that are getting attention (you’ve liked them and see their content on your own timeline) and see what category they use.

Fifth, post links to other sites from your FB page. Articles, images etc. the idea is to keep the attention on your FB page active, so FB will respond by showing your posts to more of your fans. The more likes, shares and comments you get on your page, the more of those who’ve liked your page will be shown your posts on their timeline.

My FB page has just under 150,000 likes and I get between $65 and $85 average each day in ad revenue from 2 ad providers. I create about 16 new blog posts on my site each day: 1-3 original images, 4-5 articles and 8-9 images I find elsewhere. But I also post links to my page every half hour (I schedule them with hootesuite, but I’m growing more and more frustrated with them, and just downgraded my account from pro to free and may look for another service or build my own) and I post links to outside articles on the :15 and :45 through the bulk of the day. My scheduling takes about 3 hours in the morning, and then I’m free for the day for other projects.

Post engaging content. The one that you yourself could not resist to answer. Try to reach out to your fans by asking them “Caption This!” or by asking them to Fill in the blank. You can also ask them to “Like” if they do an activity that you find relevant and interesting. By being creative, you can engage your fans more on a regular basis!

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