Facebook Gray Account

I have a Facebook page for my small business that I have been unable to log into for months now. I’ve tried contacting Facebook support many times but get no response.

What I get is the following message:

Account Temporarily Unavailable.

Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.

There is also a note that I’m using a gray account - an account that was used to manage pages without a personal account. It’s a fact that I never have had a personal Facebook page, so this may be what’s causing my problem. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Facebook would be requiring personal accounts in order to manage a business account.

How do I fix this?

Thanks for being here and for any help you can offer.

Set up a personal account first. Then create a Page that you’ll use for your business. You’ll direct people to your business Page, not your personal page, for business information.

I don’t think it’s that straight forward. I’ve already created a business page and have a Facebook account for it. Been there for years.

I’m thinking there was a process to create a personal account from my business account but I missed the deadline. Maybe that process is still available, but I just don’t know what it is.

I think that you should write a letter to the support service a few more times, explain everything in detail, what, how and why. And also remember if you had problems with advertising or maybe someone could complain about you?

Thanks Anastasia,

I can’t imagine anyone complaining. I have a small business and post examples of my work, mostly. I’ve never done advertising on FB, which might explain why my problems aren’t of any concern to them.

My boyfriend works as a targetologist and at the beginning of his career, Facebook often blocked his account, he had to write to the support service many times, confirm his identity, and later the documents of the companies with which he worked. Each time he wrote that it was his job, let them check whether he made mistakes more carefully, once he really made a mistake and the blocking was correct, and all other blockings were like a check.

I think that FB might have thought that something is forbidden on one of your works. My friend had a video on his FB page where his child jumped on the bed and FB considered that this video contained scenes of child abuse and deleted it.

I think that you should try to restore your account again or create a new one and promote a new account. I would also advise you to run a small ad for your account in the future, just carefully study how to do it correctly. There is one reason for this, FB earns on advertising and if you bring him at least a little money, then FB will be more loyal to you. I heard it from rumors))

Yes, I’ve reported my issue to Facebook again and am waiting for a response. I agree that if I advertised with them they’d be more likely to notice me.

I just cannot bring myself let my brand turn into an ad. Ads and all the tracking used to target them clog up the internet. I hate ads and personally make it a point to never do business with companies that force their ads upon my online experience.

I should say that this may all be due to my own ignorance. There may well be some simple, technical detail I’ve failed to properly execute. I’m still looking into this. This thread is just one more branch in my search. I can’t imagine being the only one going through this.