FACEBOOK doesn't work with FF anymore?

i am not sure if just me or everyone, i can’t click and expand any ajax link, like those “View all XXX comments”, “Older Post” - at bottom.

only works with IE.

time to abandon FF and move to IE now??

everything is fine at my end…
maybe its just there…retry again

No problems with facebook and firefox here. Perhaps just a local issue…

Works fine with FF 3.6.3. Maybe because of add-ons or firewalls?

No problems here.

Just out of curiosity have you tried disabling your FF add-ons and then re-enabling them one at a time to see which one might be causing the trouble?

I’ve had add-ons cause problems before.

You could also just switch to Google Chrome :slight_smile:

It works fine for me (FF 3.6.8)

what is Punic war? :confused:

I only log into Facebook once every Punic war, but when I do, it’s with FF.

i am using FF 3.6.8 too

So it’s not Facebook, and it’s not FF (since it works for me). It must be something else… I’ve got no idea what though…