Facebook plugin width not working in IE 6

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem on how to fix the width of FB Recommendations plugin. For Example my plugin width is 250px. It works on IE 8 and above, Firefox and Google Chrome.

But when i view my site in IE 6 the width is 300px.

<script src="http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1"></script><fb:recommendations site="mysite.com" width="250" height="300" header="true" font="" border_color=""></fb:recommendations>

How to fix this problem? thanks

Hi Welcome to sitepoint :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to the page exhibiting the problem?

The snippet you posted above renders as 250px for me in IE6 so there must be an issue somewhere else I would expect.


This is what I’m seeing in IE6 and looks much the same as Firefox. Where do you see the issue? Have you got a screenshot showing the problem more clearly.

I don’t believe Facebook supports IE6 any more anyway so there may be an issue with their code but as I say I can’t see the problem you mention anyway.

(Note: link was received via PM for anyone following this thread and wondering where the screenshot came from)

Hi paul,

I see this issue using IE NetRenderer - Browser Compatibility Check - IE6

The issue is the facebook code…

<fb:recommendations site=“mysite.com” width=“250” height=“300” header=“true” font=“” border_color=“”>

even I set the width 250px to 200px or 100px. when i view it in NetRenderer IE6. the size is 300px…

You’ll need to test on a real IE6 or use ietester as I doubt those rendering sites are accurate and I guess they don’t handle the iframes within the plugins correctly either.

The image I showed you came from IE6tester earlier and shows the plugiun working. However, I just tried to have another look and both ietester and netrendrer refuse to load that page in IE6 so I can’t double check.

so what is the best thing to do? what is the most accurate tools to test?

What about you, are you still supporting IE6 in your sites?

I use IEtester for IE6 and it renders CSS pretty much perfectly but I wouldn’t rely on it for javascript although I seldom see any issues.

I use IE8 for real on this computer and IE9 on another computer. For Ie7 I do have a laptop running IE7 but I tend to still use IEtester. Facebook doesn’t support IE6 I believe anyway but I usually add ie6 support albeit with a limited experience in some cases.

You can’t rely on the screen shot services to provide 100% accuracy especially where you have things like that facebook iframe loading and the special tags that won’t work unless javascript is enabled.

Hi Paul,

True you are correct. I tested my site on a IE6 in my xp… and it works… Thank you for the tips. =)

facebook does not support IE6 anymore. forget about that browser.

maybe Google plus will support it :wink: