My Firefox Browser Now Has a Problem with "jsfiddle"


Hi there peeps,

I am not a "jsfiddle" user by choice, so this is no big deal for me, but
just recently my Firefox browser has started to have a problem with
that site.

I use the same add-ons for both Google and Firefox browsers.

The attached image displays the difference in their rendering...

Have you any thoughts on this oddity?



Sounds like a self-inflicted injury; no sympathy... :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I was slightly puzzled as to why browser extensions might make a difference. Which ones are you using?


You are probably right about that, as
I am certainly not a fan of "jspiddle". :unhappy:

I only mentioned add-ons, because
the reply to rendering problems is
often - test with them disabled. :winky:

As to which ones I employ, there are only
two; "Ghostery" and "uBlock Origin". :sunglasses:





I couldn't get JSFiddle to work in Firefox, and it wouldn't load embedded CodePens, either. I put up with it for months (as I don't use either myself), until very recently developer tools also stopped working, and at that point I gave in to the inevitable and created a new profile, which worked fine with all three. I used FF Sync to import my bookmarks and extensions, and it all still worked.

Then I reactivated the fairly basic theme I'd been using for years, and dev tools stopped working again. So I hastily switched back to the default theme, and all is well.




That is good to know. :winky:

All I actually need to do then, is totally ignore the
posts of a certain member who has a somewhat
disturbingly unhealthy reliance upon it. :rofl:



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