Extra Username Colours

In the FAQ I notice

  • Mentors are knowledgeable members who act as discussion leaders.
  • Advisors act as moderators for a given patch of the forums. As moderators, they have the ability to move and delete posts and threads.
  • Team Leaders lead a team of Advisors, and can also act as moderators.
  • Administrator the Community Manager and administrator of the forum.
  • SitePoint Staff are SitePoint HQ staff members who visit the forum and help answering questions

but occasionally I see usernames on posts with colours not one of the above - eg… brown and purple are 2 colours I see the occasional username with.

Just out of curiosity, what are the member types for brown and purple?

And would it be possible to have the above list of 5 colours updated.

Brown are SitePoint authors like wwb_99 or r937, purple are folks like iFroggy who are Podcast hosts.
There are also editors and dev’s with different colours too.

ok thanks :slight_smile: