What get Sitepoint's Mentors and Gurus

Can some one give me details that when a person becomes MENTOR or GURU of SITE POINT, what benefits he gets.

Thanks in advance

A beach in the Bahamas, an Aston Martin DBR9… and if I remember hawk correctly, who is our CEO (cash eccentric overlord)…

My choice of miss world 2010. Ain’t life awesome? :slight_smile:

Mentors get to get coffee for the advisers, advisers get to get coffee for the admins and the admins get coffee for the SP staff members.

There are no gurus, so no need for coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:

The same benefits a SitePoint Addict gets: good company and interesting, educational conversation. :slight_smile:

Does it help in getting good jobs or some freelance work etc etc ?

I suppose it could, because it shows reputation in a professional community.

However, you can’t apply for mentor. The staff choose you when there is an availability and you stand out as a respectable, mature member. Don’t know why they picked me :wink:

Mentors (orange badge)… well, we’re basically a step up from members. No moderating abilities, we are armed with the same weapon against fluff and spam as all other members: the report button.

Advisors (green badge) could be called advanced mentors. They can do more, though to what extent I am unaware. I think post moderation.

Then there’s team leaders (blue badge). The team leaders are in charge of a team of mentors and advisors in a certain subject (e.g. programming, community, design). They have moderation abilities in terms of users too - they can ban members etc.

Then above them are the Admins - at current, we have one, Hawk.

The admins (red badge) and “Sitepoint Staff” (black badge) can do pretty much anything.

Can some admin please get me a cup of coffee asap?

TLs and Advisors have the same moderating abilities. The only difference there is that TLs also manage staff.

I guess the answer to your question dr_dumb99 depends on whether you are applying for a job with an employer that knows about SitePoint. It certainly helped me…

I worked here as a volunteer staff member for years before I quit to have kids. SitePoint approached me a while back to work for them and now I’m being paid to do what I love (which is keep you hundreds of thousands of SPers happy). So yeah, there certainly are benefits if you play your cards right!

Certainly sir. Would you like a ban with that?

We don’t serve coffee here, only beer. Here you go: :drink:

Affirmative action! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that because back in those days, CRT’s emitted radiation so you couldn’t have had kids while you were on the PC 24/7 emitting a healthy pale glow :smiley: