Experiences with ServerPilot instead of cPanel

Has anyone tried ServerPilot? It claims to be something of a cPanel alternative but not exactly. I’ve never heard of it until recently and nobody seems to know about it. I’m just looking for something to use on VPSes hosting my web development client websites. Thanks.

Looks interesting. It seems to need Ubuntu VPS and probably wont work on Centos. However it is a hosted service and not sure how I would feel about giving someone else access to my root password.

I think other alternatives like DirectAdmin or Zpanel may also work without giving out root access and may be more useful if you are intending to provide hosting services.

I haven’t had a chance to use it, but looking at the feature set, it has quite a way to go. It seems like this and other free alternatives to cPanel, like zPanel, are are lacking in some area. I would consider something like DirectAdmin which a user said above or InterWorx, which is good for server clustering. InterWorx does a free trial which is also nice.

I would have to agree hosting your control panel remotely with someone else does not sound encouraging