Exe 2 php - need help!

okay, i have this exe file that i would like to be converted to php

i want to do automated scanner, cron job?

im pretty noob at coding still, so im hoping if somebody could show me a way.

that page is used to view the scanned data after its uploaded to server.

currently the scanner is updated manually, but would love to make it automated.

ps. sorry cant post links here yet (:

Convert an executable file to PHP…well that is a new one…
Afraid I have no idea what you are talking about.

From the sound of it, it sounds like the OP wants to either directly port an executable file (program) to PHP, or possibly create a PHP script that performs exactly the same tasks as said executable. While I’m certain that it’s possible for very simple programs, it’s still an incredibly daunting task, and the more complex the program, the harder the task. The first step is to determine feasibility. You wouldn’t happen to have the source code for this exe file, would you?

i want the php program to do same as the exe does, i have the exe file, but no sources, so i think its bigger task?

i was gonna post printscreens but tis site doesnt let me do that yet.

simply i want a program to that logins to the game, then scans each sector and upload’s it to scanner, in scanner you can compare the scan data’s to see how ppl grow in the game, find cheaters etc.

Sounds like you need to start coding from scratch.

What type of program are you trying to duplicate in PHP? There are some things that PHP can quite easily do, and other things that PHP was never designed to do at all. If you give us an idea as to which program you’re trying to duplicate, you’ll get better advice.

i wanna make a bot that logins to this game, then scan’s each sector

Sector | KD name | Planet Type | Land | NW | Honor || Ratio | Land change(%) | NW change(ratio) | Return | Alliance | State

after the scan is done it should upload the scan data to mysql database.

1:1#skZANDRIA#Terra Form#1,255#652,155#1,200#275#9#2ndC##

r - this program we used to scan the game but the admin of the game changed the coding of the most important page in game /viewsector.php

so now the data from skscanner.exe looks like this

1:1#skZANDRIA #Terra Form#Advantage:# +50% Research Efficiency#Sec. Advantage:#6#9#2ndC##

im ready to pay if somebody wanna help me :slight_smile:

links -> www.lovster.co.cc/scanner/scanner.php
-> www.lovster.co.cc/scanner/SKscanner.rar
the game -> www.starkingdoms.com

ok if somebody could help me out alittle bit, i been trying to find somethng usefull but no luck

i wanna make a script that logins to the game, i quess CURL is best way, i managed to login to the site succesfully with little script i made but when i tried to access 2nd page on the game it says cookie not found and im pretty sure my code was right.

  • Login to the game
  • fetch each sector page and then parse the data of kingdoms from the fetched pages
  • upload the data to database

if somebody could please show me how to do it, im not asking you to make the script for me, just little examples how to do it.