Errors in Google console


Google console gives the following errors for my site:

Content wider than screen
Clickable elements too close together

But when I reviewed the page in Mobile, it looks good…

Please let me know how to fix this error

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How many mobile devices did you check it on? It may look OK on a large mobile phone, but not a smaller screen.

Google will tell you where the problems occur, so you can check the specific elements it is complaining about. For example, do you have a fixed width somewhere which is causing the first message?


I think it’s just “false positives” I get the same sometimes.
Google flags an error(s), you check using Google’s own tester linked from the error page, and everything checks out OK.
These errors randomly appear, even though nothing changed on the page. I can only assume it’s due to some momentary server error during the crawler’s visit, like the css not getting served at the time.
If the flagged pages check out OK, I just ignore it.

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OK so I should ignore this error


If you run the check and everything is OK you can ignore.
But it is best to check in case there is anything wrong.

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I have checked on small mobile screen and found Page title is causing this issue

<h1 class="page-title">Palm Beach Gardens Movers</h1>

how to fix this


Do you have a screenshot of the problem on mobile?

That title seems to fit on my iphone5 and as shown on chrome emulator.


Please see attached image

and let me know how to fix


What device is that screenshot from?

That doesn’t look like a mobile browser. If you have resized your screen less than 320px then you can ignore what you see as 320px is the smallest you need to go.

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I used the following website to check mobile issue and used the option LG Optimus One 213*320


What do you suggest, can I ignore Google console Mobile Error?


The LG Optimus One was an early, entry level smartphone, released in 2010. If the width of the screen is 213px (per your screen shot), it’s not likely to be worth the effort to code for it. A “reasonable” minimum width today is 320px.


You should be able to use Google’s own test on the “problem” pages directly from Search Console.

Where it lists the problems, click one of them to see a list of affected pages.

Click one page to see a dialog box of options, the first option is to test if the problem still exists by testing the live page.
The result of the test that follows should indicate if the problem currently exists or not in Google’s eyes.


Have you checked it on different devices? You may need to adjust images accordingly.


Use various tools to check this because same thing has happened on a website But when I checked on various tools, most of them are not showing any errors. Google sometimes shows the false error and they appears randomly. when I was getting that error, I had resize the images according to the different mobile sizes and that worked for me. You can also try this just take 3-4 most common mobile sizes and re-adjust your images according to that. Then make your website indexed again so that google can’t take the previous cached website.

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