Error #1010

my problem is very stupid, I believe.
This is the first operation in absolute inserted in monitor MySQL, as suggest in the book PHP-MySQL that I’ve purchased.
I try to delete a table in MySql (“DROP DATABASE test”) through “XAMPP”, but an error occurred
(here, is an image attached of the error).
If I see the privileges of the database, all privileges are checked (also GRANT) for anyone.
Can you explain me why this error?
Antonio BIANCA

whoa, two “can’t rmdir” messages on the same morning…


the post and the “step-by-step” tutorial don’t function…
I open monitor (“shell”) of mysql, enter with “mysql -u root -p”, enter password, type “show databases;” the database “test” exists, type “drop database test;”, always the same error 1010 is erased.
The user “root” have all privileges and grant; the database exists (appear because the first start of XAMPP list this database empty with the others of the system).
Why the others “MySql system” drop and my “My” don’t?
This interests me only for understand the behavior of the procedure, because if there is a problem, it will recur!!