Deleting "test" from my data bases within WAMPP as per chaper 2 of your book


I get an error when tring to delete the TEST data base as below…
I do not want to move on until I sort this…

I have set a pass word for in

Set the MySQL Root Password in XAMPP as suggested.

SQL query: Edit


MySQL said:

#1010 - Error dropping database (can’t rmdir ‘.\ est\’, errno: 17)

same issue, dropping the test database from the database tab, not query tab results in the following error message:

#1010 - Error dropping database (can’t rmdir ‘.\ est\’, errno: 17)

I hope these boards are monitored for questions from the book or if this is not the correct place to post pls advise.

Take a look at this thread:

I’ve googled the error, and it seems to be a problem of the directory not being empty. The solution is to manually delete the files still present in the directory.

thank you!