Emails going straight to SPAM folder

So I’ve set up my own mail server with iRedMail on Ubuntu (20.4 I believe) to host my virtual boxes for my domain email accounts that are created as the admin, and Roundcube to send and receive the emails.

I’ve already set up my DNS records, SPF, DKIM, & DMARC, but when I try to send emails from my mail server/SMTP server, ALL messages keep going straight to the SPAM folders of my gmail recipients.

According to mxtoolbox, mail-tester, and several other sites, all of my records have been properly configured for my website. Mail-tester dot com even shows that I’m getting a 10/10 rating as far as passing spam filters goes.

So what else can I do to hit the inbox or what else could the issue be?

The domain that I’m referring to (that should have the correct DNS and other records set up) is:

aaronsnewsletters dot com

Maybe someone can do a quick test against the site to see the records and let me know what you think.

Any support is greatly appreciated. has an option to check whether your mail server is on any Spam database. It is showing your server listed on two out of 32 block lists (assuming I found the correct IP address).

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I checked your server’s ip ( and saw that it was only on two blacklists:

While this may not be what is causing the issues, you seem to be having some issues with SSL on your main site.

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