Email from server goes into junk folder

email from my server goes into junk mail folder for yahoo/hotmail/gmail. what would be the issue? the user does not make the domain as a spam user but sill they send the mails to spam box.

im also having that problem a explanation would be great!

domainkeys, spf, reverse DNS and MX record lookup for sender domain, spamassassin score for the email content, are all things worth looking in to. The swiftmailer library (for sending emails in php) has some useful tips.

I think domainkeys will do the trick. It is a little bit of work and Yahoo responds the slowest to it but definitely worth a try.

You need the correct headers and point your mx records to the servers IP address I think.

Firstly the Mail server should have a rDNS record so that the yahoo/gmail accepts the email delivery. Further on, the yahoo and other email hosting servers can be contact to whitelist the email from your server as well.

so how does one setup this rDNS record?

for example in plesk? or any other server administration thing?

found out, it was a option in a higher level administration level.
ill just copy what i posted on another thread:

you are usually given some administration program which which you can setup server stuff, well Reverse DNS as it figures out is NOT in this administration panel. it is a server host related thing, so you will need to ask your hosts to setup a reverse dns (to for example

unless you have TOTAL access to your server options.
in which case it is under “Setup IP” in your host admin webpage.

still iam not clear how to fix it? can any one help me to fix it…

email from my server goes into junk mail folder for yahoo/hotmail/gmail. what would be the issue? the user does not make the domain as a spam user but sill they send the mails to spam box.

email servers, hotmail and yahoo are very squeamish with emails, they consider almost anything to be spam.

you have several options

  1. do you think your server is very slow? there might be a spammers program installed on the server that spams everyone without you even knowing it. (this is unlikely but still possible, your server will be really really slow, normal webpages without any images or content load for 30 secs, if this is true, ask your hosting providers for help)
  2. did you check if your server is blacklisted?
    for this you usually need to know the ip of your server (if you dont know it’s ip but do know its domain name, you can check it out here its a russian website, pretty good one, you just enter the domain name, for example, and it will tell you lots of details about it, including its ip)

when you finnaly know its ip, you go to blacklist check to check that your server ip is not blacklisted (the big list of known spammers)
if all of them are green (and some are yellow) then all is ok.
if at least one of the status’s is red, then your server ip is blacklisted.
click on the blacklist name to check for details.

  1. setup a reverse DNS entry. (or ask host to do it for you)
    keep in mind you might get blacklisted if you fail a reverse dns lookup.
    to setup a reverse dns lookup for the mail server you will need to add a subdomain to your website (in the server administrator options that your given) for example,
    and then ask your hosting providers to add a reverse dns entry for your server’s ip to point to
    you have to ask your hosting providers to add the reverse dns (most probably)

let me explain what it is ==> ==>

since the domain is NOT the same ( =/=
it will fail the reverse DNS check.

if it was like this ==> ==>

it would pass the reverse dns check, because the domain is the same in and (same as in,,, they all have the same primary domain)

here is a thing that checks the reverse dns.

  1. you have to use proper email headers when sending emails

i use

( and this function to send emails

function mailx1($to, $subject, $message) {
$headers .= "Reply-To: <>\r
$headers .= "Return-Path: <>\r
$headers .= "From: <>\r
$headers .= "Organization:\r
$headers .= "Content-Type: text/plain\r

$headers .= "MIME-Version: 1.0\\r\

$headers .= “X-Mailer: php”;

ini_set(‘sendmail_path’, ‘/usr/sbin/sendmail -t’);
ini_set(‘sendmail_from’, ‘’);
if(@mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers)) {
return TRUE;
} else {
return FALSE;

did i help?

Thank’s a lot, really your is post is very much informative. Thank’s again YuriKolovsky. now i have got a small idea regarding the server… reverse dns…

more stuff here, basically a server kept being blocked by hotmail.
so i read more stuff on hotmail’s webpage, and that directed me to this [URL=“”]dns report test

this can help, by showing you some problems you might be experiencing that are causing you to get blocked by hotmail.

Thank you, again i have one small doubt. What is SPF Record? What is the use of SPF record?

if a SPF (TXT) exists for a domain it authorizes the source IP address the mail can be accepted by the MTA. If the SPF (TXT) RR does not authorize the IP address the mail can be bounced , this is the reason why email bounces can be solved by adding definite SPF records to the domainname.