Email/domain with 1&1, hosting with our dedicated server


I’m attempting to keep a domain with 1&1 hosting as well as existing emails intact, but use our own dedicated server to host the site.

Currently I have the following:

DNS Settings for (at 1&

Name Server
Using 1&1 Nameservers

IP Address (A-Record)
this is set to my dedicated server IP

Mail Exchanger (MX-Record)
Using 1&1 mail server

Please see the screenshot for the DNS Zone for this domain on our server.

Am I missing anything?

or have i done this the wrong way? I’ve googled a bit and found some information but it isn’t very specific.

thanks in advance

Thought I’d just update and say everything is set up and working fine now, thanks for the information :slight_smile:

AFAIK DNS servers will only query the name servers that are set up in the domain (i.e., the domain servers you supplied when registering the domain).
So whatever you put in the DNS info on your server doesn’t matter, no DNS resolver will ever ask your server for that information.

Unless you have set the NS records of the DNS servers registered with the domain to be your own nameservers, in which case AFAIK all records on the domain’s nameserver are redundant and you should set up all records on whichever server it is the NS records on the domain’s nameservers point to.

This second option is not quite preferred IMO because DNS resolvers need to bounce from server to server before finally getting an answer.

Setting look fine to me. Take into account however that any changes you make to the DNS setting are not effective instantly; some servers may have requested the MX record for your domain before and will use the response they got then until it expires (set in the TTL field).
If you’ve only just made these changes I’d wait one or two days before actually thinking something is wrong :slight_smile:

thanks for the response.

Another thing - on MY dedicated server, who’s nameservers should this domain be using in the DNS Zone

Currently they are set to and

Should I update these to point to the 1&1 name servers instead?

the domain in question is currently 404ing with the default 1&1 error page, which suggests to me something isn’t quite right.

But as you say, it could just require some time.

thanks for any more info