Eliminate Icon in FireFox 8 Bookmark Bar

Is there a way to eliminate the icons/favicons in the Bookmark Toolbar in FireFox 8?

They are wasting precious real-estate!!


It’s a disgrace FF hasn’t yet provided an option to get rid of those, as people have been baying for it. Anyhow, in the mean time, you try out this:


I use it. It’s a tad flaky, but better than nowt.



What do you mean by “FLAKY”???

After I installed that add-on and FireFox started acting really weird, although I think it is because my original HDD is going out.

But if it was that add-on, Id like to know before I screw up my new HDD which I’m rebuilding now?!


Occasionally it stops working, and the icons reappear. I just go to the add-ons section, disable it and reenable it and it works again. Happens about once per month, but is easy to deal with. That’s the only problem I’ve had with it.

Okay, thanks.


You can easily enable and disable an add-on to test whether it’s causing problems or not. I go to Tools > Addons to check that sort of thing.

Like I said, it was probably my dying HDD.



I have 30 favicons and/or folders listed in my bookmarks. They ALL serve a purpose for me.

How much more ‘real estate’ is needed?

Asking to get rid of something in a forum based on ones use of a particular feature or tool is akin asking to change a channel of TV screen in a restaurant, sport bar (or similar) without consideration of those already into the media already on the screen.

I think you’ve missed the point. :slight_smile: All we were talking about is the Bookmarks Toolbar (that appears across the top of the browser window). There’s an option to have it display as icons only or as Icons plus text. But a lot of links may not have an icon, and some of the icons that are there may not be too familiar, so I prefer to have text showing. E.g. I have a link to SitePoint which I call SP. However, there is no option to show text only in the new versions of Firefox, but that was an option in versions of about a year ago. Having all the icons there along with the text uses up a lot of the width of the browser, which is annoying, as some of my links fall off the end, as it were. It makes perfect sense for the makers of FF to provide an option to show text only in the Bookmarks toolbar. Why they got rid of it, and why they don’t respond to the thousands of requests to reintroduce this simple feature, is beyond me entirely.

HI Ralph. Thanks for jumping in and assuming I missed a (read any) point. Two things.

One: My comment was addressed to Debbie’s statement about bookmark toolbar ‘real estate’. Regardless of FireFoxs’ changing how things work. In my meanderings of those toolbar changes I found that there is a bit of confusion amongst the folks involved in some of changes as it has many places in the code and not all places are doing the same thing. As it happens when code grows, and changes start happening, eventually the relationships and original intent get muddied. :frowning:

I now forgot the search string that provided me that data. But here is one result I found that kinda supports it.


While they are still ironing those issues out we, the users, get to discuss our use of the code (read tool) and aren’t happy when it affects how WE use it. :open_mouth:

Two: My point still stands. RE: bookmark real estate. I found a way to use that real estate allowing me to put more and more ‘representations’ on that line. And yes, it spills over as you noted. No problem for me as the least used go to the end and I use the >> at the end to see them. I keep looking for ways to reduce the ‘clutter’ of words (Characters). One is to delete those characters (completely) for easily recognizable favicons. (See NOTE below on three computes and six operating systems as the toolbar functionality doesn’t apply to all of them).

All this may be moot as I’ve stopped adding bookmarks to the bookmark toolbar (Just to the default bookmark Menu) and include ‘tags’ to the bookmarks that are not providing identifiable verbiage (as listed in the <title> of the HTML code) from the web page whence it came. Example a bookmark that only says “Home Page”!! :open_mouth: So I just include a tag that is more to the subject. And, have started using the bookmark search tool to find what I’m looking for. I am in transition from one philosophy of structured toolbar bookmarks to that of tagging because of the potential disappearance (an option?) of the toolbar. Allowing more ‘real estate’ for webpage content(???)

I think we all resist change. Any changes with anything I do is frustrating when the ‘new’ rules don’t offer an explanation nor time to allow for a transition.

As such, I keep ‘tinkering’ til I find how to NOT stop all I’m doing just to learn and convert to the ‘new’ (Whatever). Getting out of ‘rote’ mode isn’t easy. Changes are coming pretty fast these days,

Note: I have three computers running WIN 7. Each has Ubuntu in different developments and for all, the same is true of FireFox. So I get to see various changes as they occur on different environments. The circumstance that started me on this was helping someone that just purchased a new laptop with win 7 and installed the latest FireFox that didn’t display a bookmark toolbar??? (Did I say potential disappearance above (LOL)) All occurring in the last three days!

Thanks for Listening.