Favicon in IE

I’ve taken the advice in latest Sitepoint newsletter and created a Favicon. I’ve installed at the root level and added below:
<link rel=“SHORTCUT ICON”
href=“http://blogs.sitepoint.netdna-cdn.com/favicon.ico”>(using my details of course)
immediately before the CSS link in the head.
It works fine in FireFox but not in IE8, any clues as to what I’m doing wrong?

Also, make sure you have a real “RIFF” format .ico file, and not just some other image format renamed .ico – I’ve seen that a LOT lately with .gif and .png… and then people sit there scratching their head “why doesn’t this work?”

When in doubt, IcoFX is great for making sure you’ve got the right file format… and it’s a good all around free tool.

You might need to clear everything that the browser has cached before it will detect that change.

I’ve cleared the cache, and I used Photoshop to create it as described in the Site Point newsletter. I’ve also tried IcoFX. Still works fine in FireFox but not IE8. Any other clues? Have I located in the head correctly?

Bookmark the page or place it in your favorites; do you get the same with all favicons in M$IE or just the one you created?

Mainly this one I’ve created, but most of the favicons that appear in FireFox bookmarks are also missing.