Elgg as a Free Social Networking site?

Hi everyone …
I would like to ask you if Elgg is the perfect solution to build a free social networking site …

I’ve heard that drupal is difficult to learn …And Joomla need money to install the modules to make a good social networking site …

So is Elgg the best solution ? do you know the limits of this software ?? the negative points ???

thanks you vety much for answering .

No, I am pretty deep in with my Elgg site <snip/> to move to another platform.

Actually you don’t have to keep the footer with Elgg. I chose to keep the “Spotlight” collapsible box at the bottom of my site, but I don’t even have to do that. I agree, I certainly wouldn’t use anything that bound me to linking to another site! I don’t have any references (powered by, etc.) to Elgg on my site.

Elgg is good, but you gotta leave the footer intact, and who wants to have a social networking site with a link back to another site for, to drive away ad revenue? Have you tried bonnex?

I realize this is an old thread, but thought useful to add in case anyone is shopping for a platform for a social net site since Elgg is still developing their software and personally think it has come a long way.

I used it for my social net site <snip/> and while I have done considerable tweaking and played with A LOT of different plug-in combinations, I think you can end up with a fairly custom, full featured site with little programming knowledge.

Elgg seems to be mentioned again and again as a viable piece of software for a free social networking site. Drupal is tricky, but you can make a decent Social Network from it (have a gander round the drupal forums, see what can be done). Also, Buddy Press is nearing or has just been released, and that’s built on wordpress, so if you’re familiar with that, that may be an alternative.

I could never get Elgg to work, so unlike Drupal or Buddypress, it requires a bit of php & apache know how to set up.

BuddyPress is great but only works with WPMU, so a dedicated server is a must … I don’t need it for a small local social networking …

I think I’ll try elgg and see what I can do with it …

I tried elgg maybe about a year ago. At the time, it was pretty much a bare-bones webapp. Not to many features beyond what you’d expect to see for the basics.

But, if that’s what you’re looking for, it seemed to work fine.

Elgg is an open source application which has been voted as the best social networking software for the year 2008…I read an interesting article on this topic…check it out for sure!..http://tinyurl.com/ltsz3s

The only problem with elgg is that it has not the same feature while adding friends. When someone adds someone as a friend , the other one don’t need to approve or accept the request.He instantly becomes friend.

actually, there is “Friends” and “Freind of” … so I’ll just modify it to followers and following …

Have anyone mentioned pligg…great software to use…

Pligg is more for media sharing portal, news sharing sites. It’s a good platform with lots of paid modules. As a result you pay the same or more as the price of ready-made specially targeted software.

For example you say you need Social Networking software, then may be it’ll be chaeper to take the one that suits you. Check PG Social Networking software, Social Engyne, PhpFox.

If any suits you, then I have managed to help.

Pligg platform can be easily spammed with automated software/bots. I suggest going in for BuddyPress.