A list of social networking software(free/hosted)

Free software(PHP):

Jcow - http://www.jcow.net
Basic social networking features, plus optional applications(extensions).

Elgg - http://www.elgg.com
popular social script. It is focused on the feature of “Groups”.

Phpizabi - http://www.phpizabi.net/
Focused on dating feature. But seems long time no updates.

Joomla community builder - http://www.joomlapolis.com/
Based on Joomla CMS. They provide free&paied editions. The free edition is limited on the features,.

Drupal community modules - http://drupal.org/node/206724
a list of drupal modules which will help you build communities based on Drupal.

Remotely-Hosted software:

Ning - http://www.ning.com
You can generate a social network online. It is free, but there will be a monthly fee if you want to increase the bandwith or remove their ads from your network.

Socialgo - http://www.socialgo.com
Similar to ning.com.

Kickapps - http://www.kickapps.com
In version 3.0, it was implemented more social networking features.

Google Groups - http://groups.google.com
It’s like “forums + newsletters”.

Something about free scripts are not so good… feature based unless you spend money in paying to make you custom modules…

did you try webscribble? chameleon? (http://chameleon.abk-soft.com/demo.php) datemill? There are a lot of them. You just need to chose one which most suits your needs.