How to make an image to colour gradient

Hey all,

I’d like to create a banner for a webpage. More specifically, it would be a gradient, white at left which transitions into an image at right. However, I do not know what kind of image/photo editing software would be capable of pulling this off.

I have Photo Pos Pro and Photofiltre. The latter does nothing of the sort, and Photo pos does gradients but only with colours, as far as I can tell. I can’t work out if it’s possible to incorporate an image into a gradient. I tried putting a mask over an image, but this involved creating the mask from scratch and felt a bit convoluted, in other words, the effort needed, exceeded the benefit. I also tried creating a layer, with colour fading to transparent and placing this over the image layer, which I wanted to incorporate into the gradient, but the “transparent” side of the gradient has the default chequered background, rather than actually being transparent, so the image layer below would show through.

I was hoping someone may know how to do this, having done it before, or know of any software that can do this.

Don’t know about other programs, but this is easy to do with Photoshop via a range of different methods.

However, if you can make an image that starts white at the left and fades to transparent on the right, then you could just layer this over the photo, and hey presto, you have an image that starts white on the left and fades into the image on the right.

the effort needed, exceeded the benefit

That seems an odd statement. If it will be up on the web for all to see for some time, a few minutes—heck, half an hour—seems time well spent to me. :slight_smile:

It’s all good, I managed to work out how to create a layer with white to transparent gradient. I somehow got it to work in Photo Pos Pro, where it wasn’t working before. I then just placed the gradient layer over the image layer, merged the two and, boom, I had my website banner.

Thanks for the feedback.

Oh, and here’s what I meant when I said that the effort may have exceeded the benefit.

I meant it in the sense, at the time, that if the process of creating the banner took say, 3 hours (exaggerated just a little) and resulted in a massive file size of say 5 megs and this convoluted and perplexing process was the only way of doing it, then it may well have been easier just to choose a simpler, albeit less impressive banner than the former option.

You can easily make any type of gradient in photoshop and there is an option “save for web” by which you can reduce the size of image.