Editing a Video for FREE

I am in the process of creating some video tutorials and I have download something which works great for recording the video, it’s called liteCamHD. Anyhow, I now need some software to edit those videos. I don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on something like Adobe Premier, ideally I want it either free or very cheap, preferably on a trial.

Does anybody know of any such software? I am completely new in this field, which is why I have to ask.

Things like Camtasia and Screenflow aren’t too expensive, and you can do all the editing right in them. I use Screenflow and love it.

I suggest using Windows movie maker (on windows) or [URL=“http://www.apple.com/ilife/imovie/”]iMovie (on Mac).

There are many free software such as windows movie maker, Avidemux, VSDC Free Video Editor, MPEG Streamclip, VirtualDub, Lightworks etc.

Get Adobe Premiere Elements. I recently got a CD with the software to try and it looks like a poorer version of Adobe Premiers but allows you some basic editing. The price is quite competitive too.

Free stuff always have a price. If you are in business, why risk your business’s image with low quality images. Put in some cash and buy good tools.

What do you mean by “low quality images”. Why, in your opinion free, software would create a bad image? Some free video editors actually offer high res file formats to save in.

I don’t like windows movie maker. This source is terrible when it comes to downloading videos. Whenever I save as a video, I cant put the video back on movie maker because it’s “.wlmp” after the video title, and can’t support the file. The guide on how to fix it is somewhat unhelpful and too hard. Also, if you trim a video, the video that was trimmed turns out crappy and has technical problems and becomes terrible

What software do you use?

If you want the cheap one you can use Windows Movie Maker. I use Magix sofware.