A good AVI Editor?

Anyone know of a good AVI editor?

I really like Camtasia Studio but I can’t afford that right now.

I see Sony has some products for Home that are under 200. But can you edit AVI’s like you would in Camtasia?

Or does anyone know a software package that makes it easy to edit videos (not a ton of features needed) thats under 200 or OpenSource?

I dont want to try and become a video editor, I just want to add a fade effects, put in an image, and edit out my mistakes :slight_smile:

If I need to port the footage between different editors/tools, I usually convert the footage to MPEG1. Pretty much everything can handle it, but any other formats are usually hit or miss.

Video formats are too confusing to figure out for me, just wanted something simple. Reason I said AVI is because a screen recorder I like makes AVI format.

AVI is just a container, and not a codec. The AVI container could hold video encoded as MPEG1, MPEG4, Intel Real Time, CinePack, or a handful of other lesser-used formats.

Video editors usually specify codecs, not containers.

What software are you using to create the video file?

There’s a program called MediaInfo that will allow you to determine what codec is needed to read/edit the video file: http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en

Heya. It is called CamStudio 2.0, now I will have to play with seeing the Codec thingy later It is something I definately won’t enjoy LOL

This is a confusing thread, Camtasia Studio is meant to be used as a screen recording / screencasting tool, not as a conventional video editing tool.

If you want something that will simply edit an AVI file, why not use one of the many video editing products like Adobe Premier Elements, Nero Vision or one of these…

http://video-editing-software-review.toptenreviews.com/ :slight_smile:

LOL sorry. Okay I am trying Pinnacle. The prices are attractive and they look easy to use :slight_smile:

I use Adobe’s Premiere Elements.

It has all the bells and whistles I will ever need and is reasonably easy to use and user friendly.

Pinnacle is an easy app to use, but the deinterlacing really suck. besides that it’s ok. been using pinnacle and adobe premiere for many years here now.
Pinnacle is so easy to use that everyone can learn it - probably why so many are using it :slight_smile:

Try Windows Movie Maker if you have WIN XP. Or VideoPad Pro Video Editor if you have WIN 7.

You may also take a look at VirtualDub

Just remember to enable compression (Video/compression) unless you want huge AVI files…

Im going to check out Video Pad Pro! That Microsoft Encoder 4 is not too bad for free screen recording but the encoder you can’t cut up your mistakes.