Video editing - tips/tricks and hardware required

I want to use my spare time as a video editing and produce some informative clips. (It is not for a career)
How should I begin it?

What hardware/software should I own other than an HD camera?

Looks, many computers (nor even mine) cannot still play the HD video correctly. So, I need to edit the clips, add some texts, additional voice and decorate the presentation.

I would also love to find more tips and tricks about video shooting within a room.

I edit videos quite frequently and I would highly recommend you use a mac to edit videos. I have a couple high powered PCs and I find the software available for PC is not compatible with the mac software. I also find PCs much slower then macs even with comparable specs. Just my thoughts and I am not a MAC nerd I actually prefer pcs over macs just not for video editing.

Techsmith camtasia is really easy to use editing software. Highly recommended.

For tips and how to shoot inside a room, it is better that you use Google. There’s plenty of information about the subject although the two main points are to have sufficient like (not from the back of the object that you want to shoot, of course, else the details will not be seen, just the shape) and if you’re recording voice too, to control the amount echo. Less is better. Empty rooms with no furniture have lots of echo. Rooms with carpets and fabrics on the walls tend to reduce echo.

As for software, Camtasia should be enough and it is cheap. Although you may want into some free software (I knew one that was very good and free, but I didn’t use it often and when I had to reinstall my laptop’s software, I couldn’t remember its name :()

As for this thread, it’s more than 1 year old, so I’m sure the OP will have found a solution by now. I hope so anyway :smiley:

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