Cpanel or cloud computing


I’m building a website that’s an Online Marketplace. I’m using WordPress to build it and a couple of plugins. I’m not sure what kind of traffic I will get. If there’s not much demand I will probably discontinue the project. If demand is high I will build it out.

At this point I’m having a hard time deciding whether to host it on a service like Amazon Cloud Computing or a regular hosting site with a regular Cpanel like GoDaddy, HostGator etc.

A cloud computing solution is definitely the way I would go if I knew the idea would take off. But I’ve been using Cpanel solutions for years and could get it up and running in a couple of hours.
With Cloud solutions I’m not so sure. Even though I used to be a systems administrator and a lot of the concepts are the same it seems more complicated. I don’t want to spend days trying to figure it out or to spend money to hire someone to figure it out for me.

Has anyone had experience with this? Which way would you recommend I go?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Why not go with a CPanel host that is using cloud architecture? I use one called CloudWeb ( and it’s the same as a regular CPanel hosting account, but their servers scale up like the cloud. You can even go with your own private CPanel cloud server that can be instantly scaled up and down as necessary.

Thank you for your suggestion. I already got a standard hosting site but I will look into this option for future use. Thanks again

You can run cPanel hosting in the cloud no problem.


Sorry, I can’t help you with the cloud part of your question but, as a sysadmin, you must know that WP (as well as all the other CMS “solutions”) require a great deal of CPU time, more RAM than usually allotted in a shared account (and some VPS accounts) so, if you’re not using a dedi, big VPS or cloud, I’d recommend that you consider “Specialized Hosting” (like WebHostingBuzz has). It’ll save you a lot of headaches.



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