Drop menus not working in wordpress theme

Hey all,

I contacted support for the theme publisher first but have not gotten any response in a week so i thought i’d see if anyone here can help.

the drop menus are not working on this wordpress theme and i cant figure out why.
my inexperienced eye cannot find anything wrong in the css or anywhere else.

if you can take a look, maybe it will stick out to a more experienced eye.

the theme i am using is Elogix by Minti

the site is http://getstockfootage.com

Thanks for the help, peeps.

Some of the scripts at the bottom of the page (including the dropdown script) are not picking up the jQuery library. Make sure the library only appears once on the page, and if possible, place the link to jQuery library at the top of the stack of scripts at the bottom of the page. (I realize that’s hard with all these messy WP add-ons … but anyhow, something is preventing the scripts from not seeing the library.)

Definitely appreciate the help.
Now to find the script(s) amongst all these messy interconnected things…