Drop Down menu issue in WordPress

I have a very strange issue in a WP website. Please have a look at this one. http://advantagecontactcenter.com/

If you refresh the page first three links drop down menu appear for few second then gone.
How can i get rid off this problem.

Please help me in this issue.

What drop links are you referring to?

I noticed some stylesheets being called in the footer, move those to the header. What I think is happening is that the menus don’t “know” to be hidden because the stylesheets haven’t been loaded yet.

You’re browser caches the stylesheet, so next time you visit the page the styles are “preloaded”. This is why you only see it the first time.

Actually i don’t think they disappear. it depends where you hover.
see image.

i’d say to make sure that you assigned in the wp-admin panel the menu the role of “primary menu”(just in case. but i doubt that is it.)
also it is creating that overflow-y scroll
The letters are also a bit small & hard to read.
I thought the z-index could be an issue if you wanted the drop down to land over the slideshow. It is so far a bit hard to tell as there is a lot of extra classes & divs, like the “ribbon” that don’t quite make sense off the bat.
However your drop downs work correctly in your higher screen sizes so if you can just compare the two you should be able to find it

no pdxSherpa. Actually check first three links when you refresh the page. On First three links drop down menu appear on refresh the page for few seconds.

I am attaching the image see this is during refeshing the page.

I have remove Extra CSS in a footer but problem didn’t solve.

ok. one thing i just noticed.
your menu is not actually set up correctly.
Once you get to the point that the user sees the drop down icon (the three stacked horizontal lines) And they click on it. the menu that should come into action is one that resizes according for the new screen size.
in your case you just get the same identical menu only shrunk to fit in a much smaller window.
that is giving you the addy scroll-y.
Also you have code like this in the nav “rows hidden-md hidden-sm hidden-lg visible-xs” That should be un-necessary. The “nav-pills” also seem to be entirely un-necessary and not in any way helpful to your design.
I’d say take the time to looks at this, all the way through.


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