Driving traffic to free Classifieds ads site?

Any suggestions other than PPC for driving traffic to free Classifieds ads site?
I have two requests for people answering my question

  1. Well, the first important thing is how I can drive traffic to my website effectively?
  2. <snip>

Me too is struggling with same problem, Not able to drive traffic to my classified website. I’ll keep a watch on this post.


[FONT=Verdana]This thread is nearly six months old and has received no replies in that time. The reason for that is probably that the OP asked too vague a question and provided insufficient information for anybody to give a meaningful answer.

There are plenty of threads in the stickies and elsewhere in this forum that will give you advice on gaining traffic for your site. After you’ve read those, if you still have any specific questions, then please feel free to start a new thread, but remember to give as much detail as possible when asking your question.

Thread closed.[/FONT]