Download phpclasses with composer


I have no problem to login to using my ‘Access Name’ and password, but if I want to download a class using a composer it asks credentials on terminal but it gives invalid credentials error, is the basic authentication credentials of phpclasses separated than my AccessName and password? please advice how can I download this ' with composer?

I am not familiar with the tools or services you are using, but you might find this article on composer authentication useful.

Thanks but beside, composer, if I go directly to the link I gave above and I enter access name and password it gives error, but when I login on the site it works, is basic authentication of phpclasses separated than login form?

As far as I can see, the credentials you’d use to log in manually would be the same you’d use in basic auth. The phpclasses auth process seems documented here.

does composer support at all? AFAIK composer only uses its repository at to install something.


good to know. But we still don’t know if composer (resp. is correctly set up to support that.

Perhaps @nimasdj will be kind enough to post the exact composer command he is using as well as any composer.json file that he may have written.

Yes, composer supports phpclasses but you need to change composer.json

“require”: {
“packagist/something-from-packagist”: “~2.0”,
“phpclasses/something-from-phpclasses”: “>=1.79”
“type”: “composer”,
“url”: “”
“autoload”: {
…if necessary
“config”: {
…if necessary

First it tries to search packagist, if not found it searches for “repositories”. phpclasses requires password so composer prompts for password, this is not the same as your phpclasses account password and I have no idea where to get that password, but after several failed attempt using my real account password I got an automated email from phpclasses telling my composer password, once use it, composer will create auth.json file to store the password so next time you will not need to enter it again.

Does anyone know how to get composer password of phpclasses as this is not the same as user account password on phpclasses?

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