Domain names for my website

Hello everyone!

I need to purchase a domain name for my website.

The following extensions are available: .com, .org, and .net

Should I get two extensions? Are there any benefits of having more then one extension for a domain name? I am getting the .com.

Thanks everyone.


Always .com extesion is best. Sometimes if you buy a domain with .org, by mistake people type the name of your site as .com only. I suggest you buy .com. <snip/>

In a typical business model, the cost of buying one or two extra domain names is minimal. You don’t need any hosting with them, just the registration. If you think they might be useful, far better to get them know before they get stolen by cybersquatters :smashy:

.net might be a relevant second choice, but it depends on your target audience - both in location and in nature - as to what other TLDs people are used to trying. Here in the UK, for a general non-technical audience, it would be a poor choice because it isn’t one that people commonly use.

I echo clorets01. You can get carried away and buy a load of domains, only to get a tiny amount of traffic.

But, from experience I would say definitely get the .com as this will be the first to go and you will kick yourself if you loose it. .net would be my second choice.

One benefit is that others can’t get them :slight_smile:
That way, if your site would become a hugh success, you wouldn’t have to cope with .net, .org, etc copies of your site.

It really depends on the project and name you’re buying. Many people spend thousands getting their brand trademarked in order to protect the assets of their name and how it’s associated. In comparison, buying up a bunch of TLD’s (which would probably end up at a lesser amount than $200) would give you a basic level of protection over your brand and give you some defence against the cyber-squatters. Sometimes a bit of preventative measures can be a good thing, especially if it avoids the stress of pursuing someone legally. As for myself, I bought COM / NET / ORG / BIZ / INFO and the regional TLD’s (UK and EU) for my brand. :slight_smile:

Most of the time I’d say the .com alone will suffice. The only reason to register more is if you really don’t want others to be able to use them.


It depends on what your website is all about, if it’s a website based on general infomation then yes go for the .com extension. But if your website is based on information for your country, e.g. - a plumber, then I’d go for your countries extension first, the .com can come later.

I’d agree with Guido it is a good way to prevent cyber-squatters if you buy or at the least reserve some additional popular extensions for your main website.

No .com is not always better; it depends upon the nature and location of the organisation behind the website but it is usually the most common assumption.

You’ll probably end up wasting money if you’ll buy more that 1 extension for one project. Id chose one and go with it. If it gets popular then but the other ones.

.COM is always better