Domain name recovery

A friend of mine has had there domain name transferred into the name of their web designer.

How is it it possible to recover the domian name?

I don’t get it, did he has access to your account and he has transferred the domain name with your knowledge?

That might be a tough one because how do they know you didn’t sell it or something? I’d contact Godaddy, or whoever else you may be with for the Domain Registrar with your situation and explain it well, and see what they can do

It is very difficult to recover the domain from the web designer. If any dispute then you may contact that domain registrar.

My friend had a web designer redevelop his website as part of the process the web designer transferred ownership of the name to himself.

The web designer and my friend have since fallen out and my friend wants to continue using the domain name, which should rightfully be his.

I am guessing this needs to go through some kind of arbitration.

It appears your friend passed on all the login details to web developer. Web developer used this detail and transferred/pushed the domains into his account. Actually it will be difficult to prove that domains are not sold out to this web developer or login was just provided to assist him.

This also appear that you have same login to your registrar as you have for your host otherwise web developer has nothing to do with the domain management console.

We think you cannot retreive the domains now.

Best of luck.

If the administrative contacts belong to web designer you need to change them to your friend’s ones.

Whomever is listed as the domain Registrant is technically the owner. It’s not hard to prove what happened by checking the registrant modification history. If the webmaster is refusing to change back ownership and the domain name is important to your friend they may have to get a lawyer involved.