Somebody listed my domain on sedo!?!

Just notices somebody listed a domain of mine on sedo for $1888. I looked around sedo’s website for a way to contact them about it but can’t find a phone number or email address. Any suggestions?


What about Sedo’s support system? Try them.
Good luck.

I got a hold of sedo and my registrar and had it taken care of. Somebody changed the nameservers on the domain to get it validated by sedo. Luckily that’s all they did.

p.s. I love godaddy’s support. Sedo’s not so much.

So your domain name was stolen? Or how that could be the nameservers were changed and you did not know about that.

Make sure that you still own the domain. Check in your control panel at your registrar, make sure that the domain is still there, and also do a WHOIS lookup at

Make sure you have control on your domain, if it is stolen, you should immediately contact godaddy.

I would suggest to perform these steps:

Change godaddy password (and change passwords on other sites if you use the same password)
Make sure whois has YOUR information listed
Change password of email account used for whois information

what about the whois information? has it changed or not?

if your domain was not stolen, don’t worry