Domain, Hosting & Email Server all in different places?

Hi there,

I’m building a new website for a customer. His website is currently built on WIX, his emails are set up with Microsoft Office and his domain is held with 123-reg.

These are the DNS on the domain on the 123-Reg account at the moment:

What I want to do for him is put him on my Siteground server (so changes the DNS) so I can build a wordpress site for him but keep his emails with Microsoft Office.

How do I do this? I don’t want his emails to be interrupted.

Thank you very much in advance!

You’d need to copy all records from the Microsoft DNS to your DNS server and the change the nameservers on 123reg once that’s done.
The MX (and some TXT) records are responsible for email. Take extra care of those.

What you can do when you’ve copied all records over but not changed the nameservers yet is use a tool like nslookup to check that both DNS servers give the same answer given the same query.

Thanks for the response.

So just to get this straight, this is the set up at the moment:

On 123.reg his domain has the following Nameservers:

So I need to first transfer all of the CNAME, A, TXT and MX RECORDS from the 123-reg site onto the Siteground hosting cpanel (the one I’ll be using for hosting)

Then I’ll need to change the nameservers on 123 Reg to Siteground’s name servers?

Just so I’m clear?

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