Does online store helps to increase retail selling?

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Does online store helps to increase retail selling?

I can’t say yes or no, it depend upon. If you have a great marketing and getting couple thousand traffic per day, then I would say yes else NO.

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Most chances that yes :slight_smile:

If anything will able to get online then yes definitely it will increase the retail selling as well as general selling also because online store will increase the change to target people all over the world that is very difficult and more expensive in offline selling.

Yes it can help to increase retail selling but it depend on your contacts and your dealing. It depends that how strong and good contacts you have that can increase your retail sailing. Good contacts are very useful because they can give you more contacts.

May be Yes!
The online store is helps to retail selling ,if the things are useable and good and the people likes it, so the retail selling is increased and online store is grown up.If your behavior is good and you talk with your clinets politely so your retail selling is increased and your store become famous for online selling.
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Yes it is…We have to make proper back linking to make our retail shop highly recommended by users.It can be done through Internet marketing and SEO strategy.

Well, setting up an online store would certainly be an option to consider if you are already in the retail business. But if you want to make an online business successful, it would require more than just setting up an online presence! Some form of online marketing would need to be in place, otherwise running a “dead” online store will simply incur most cost and time for you.

Moreover, online stores don’t necessarily work for all types of products. Certain products (e.g. furniture), where consumers prefer having a hands-on experience before purchasing, would attract more sales if you had a physical store front instead. Nevertheless, it seems like the online retail scene has been growing rapidly over the years and it would definitely be a good idea to maintain an online presence these days. :slight_smile:

Difficult question, generally depends on your marketing skill towards online store. If you have good marketing ideas and you are capable to attract valuable customers than definitely you can. Make sure your store have enough information to convince customer.

It definitely will… provided you will be able to execute it well.

It could expand your coverage and will not just limit your market to the local people. You could even reach worldwide (if you’d take it to the extreme).

I don’t think an online store is helpful to increase selling. Take for example, an Amazon store. In fact, what i am about to say was discussed with an Amazon representative about two months ago. He said that an Amazon store in your website is just a “good ides”, but not instrumental to selling. As an alternative to the store, he recommended posting a text link, related to the content on your website, basically because, people who visit most websites are not necessarily looking to buy. But if there is a link to a product that is directly or indirectly related to the content, then they may be more inclined to buy.

I agree, It also depends on the marketing skills plus experience does matter.

With a serious approach to the production of the site, content, functionality, service support, promotion, online store will increase retail selling.

It’s so much better when an established retail store goes online. Trust and support is the biggest factor determining the success of eCommerce sites. So it is a win win situation for a retail store to go up on the web. BestBuy is the biggest example!

Even if your website is not a retail outlet itself it should still drive some additional potential customers to your B&M store.
After that, its up to your selling skills

Yes, it can helps to increase retail sales!

A decent online store can improved consumer confidence.

Also, returning customer can find the latest product online and increasing their shopping passion.

Yes , i am sure .You can done through Internet marketing and SEO strategy.

I completely agree with knsiwu, it is quite difficult to judge whether it will effect or not. Actually it depends upon the type of product and the targeted audience of it.