How to improve the sales of an eCommerce store

There are many ways are followed by eCommerce store owners to improve the sales of their business. But sometimes it will not give the proper result. Then how is it possible to achieve this goal?

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Loyalty Program
  3. Social media sites integration
  4. Secure payment gateway services

Share your suggestion that which one of the above can give the expected result in the online business growth.

Odd how you listed SEO first when that is probably the least important factor for getting conversiions.

I’d say the most important thing is focusing on the site’s
Target Audience

bro seo is most important factor
but i will definitely say that your site not rank in top if you target world wide because worldwise so much big company out there your competitor like flipkart, amazon etc
so just target the audience as your specific location and do as much as good seo on that.
you will increase your sell.

Seo is one of the best way to increase the business sales. But it is a long term process nah?

So kindly give some other suggestions which helps to easily reach the business goal with in the short period of time.

As a shopper/customer here’s a few things that I care about when shopping online…

How easy is it to find the product I’m interested in?
Does you site work ok on my phone/tablet?
Does the product description tell me all I need to know?
Are you reliable and trustworthy?
How quickly will my order be delivered?
Can I pay with Paypal? I don’t like using my card online…
What if something goes wrong with my goods?
I don’t want to be forced to sign up for an account just to place an order!

  1. I think a great design is key. You want to make sure your store looks great and looks professional.

  2. Get a way to collect emails and use a software like Getresponse to send autoresponder and stay in contact with people.

  3. Start an affiliate program. You can use a software like OSI Affiliate Software to start an affiliate program and get other people to sell for you.

  4. Offer Discounts. You can use a program like JustUno to offer discounts to everyone.

  5. Get Reviews. You can use a software like Yotpo to get reviews

  6. Get Live Chat. I recommend a software called Olark

  7. Partner with Others in Your Niche that is Not your Competition.

  8. Start a Blog and give out helpful information to your users.

Hope this helps

First of all, improving the traffic by ads of Google, making SEO, SNS. Secondly, improving the conversion rate, that’s about product, price, correlation of landing page and whether website is professional and reliable. Lastly, instant response and after-sale service are important. It’s better to learn knowledge about data analytic.


Whenever buyers see words such as ‘Sale’, ‘Discount’, ‘Offer’, ‘50%off’, ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ they will be tempted to shop. See that your site has good offers and ensure that these offers reach the customers instantly.

Agree that all these are important to improve sales… but I want to add another point to this list. I feel Adding Reviews to your site will increase sales because when customers view the positive reviews they will be encouraged to buy the products.

I think search engine optimization is the best way to improve the sales of e commerce stores.

Thanks for the useful tips.

Hi James,
You can use Loyalty Program for your business. This will definitely increase the business sales.