How to make money from Online Business?

My business is furniture. I want to make money from online business.

Please give me suggestions on how to make money from Online Business?

What you can do is you can advertise your floral business online so people can then place their orders online. However, there are strategies that you can do to gain customers. You can have your own blog site and post about topics that are related to your products. Your posts can include tips and how tos, or just interesting and fun facts about flowers. Good luck!

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If you want to make money from online business, I think the first thing you need is the online business system (a website or blog that allow customer select and order online any products they want ). After that, you should bring your system to customer, make customer know about your system. In other words, you should marketing your system. And when you success with marketing, you will not only sell your producta, but you’ll also get another money from other things such as ads from some companies.

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My business is furniture.

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what you need is an ecommerce website.
its not the kind of thing you could make yourself, or youd already be doing it. i suggest searching for an ecommerce agency near to you and sending them an email outlining the number of products you have and asking them how much an ecommerce system would cost.

I guess what you need for starters is a web shop to actually being able to sell your furniture products. An easy and - relatively - cheap way to get started is creating a shop on It’s pretty much a out-of-the-box shop and you don’t need to know programming.

Hello there - you have several option to make money, do you have a website or blog already? I have client who have a blog about home interior ideas, he publishes about tips and guides on how to make your home beautiful and livable. So – in your part, you can make a niche about furniture, and promote your content, build traffic and authority! Perhaps you can sign up for affiliate programs, adsense, etc. I am sure there a lot of people who want to read your ideas – and you can open an online store catering customers nearby 

You can put a “donate” through paypal for a start.
And also consider somewebsites that offer money per word…
This means that you write in YOUR blog an article of their’s and they pay you for that at the price YOU set.


Why don’t you advertise your products on Google or Facebook? You can also create an e-commerce site where your furniture will be displayed to your customer and they can order them online.

best of luck

Hi graigcarter023, Nice question and a beauty for fellow posters to point form a game plan for your scenario.
This is my first post though I have been an avid follower of for some time and have learnt a lot.

If you have basic web scripting skills or are comfortable with configuring one of the many free website templates that are strewn across the web then this is the Top 5 steps to selling your Furniture online, otherwise this is the Top 5 steps to take with a $500 budget.

  1. Last things First, search in vain for the perfect domain name for your online presence. You will want something like, failing that try variations on the desired name of your business.

  2. Next you will need some Web Hosting to store your Furniture eShop. Free or Paid? I have been testing out two fully free webhosting portals, and both are slow but are free, no ads. Web hosting is so cheap you will just be better off paying $50 – $80 per year, I spend that much on cigarettes per week, you probably do as well. The best three web hosts that have the coolest logos are, and Godaddys Control Panel was a bit primitive but that have changed now.

  3. Step Three. Now you will want to actually construct the website that will be your Furniture eStore. If you have a budget for this online presence I strongly suggest hiring a ‘web designer’ to built the site for say $500 this includes things like photographing your products for sale listings, creating a catalogue system specific to your needs, rigging up one of the many free shopping carts available and rigging up credit card and paypal/payza processing solutions. There will be ongoing site maintenance that will have to be done such as uploading new product, and removing old product. Try to pick a ‘web designer’ you can be friends with. Otherwise you will be on the merry-go-round of ‘IT Guys/Gals’, what this means is you will be literally ‘starting from scratch’ with each new Web Master.

  4. Once your Web Master has your eStore live and running he or she will usually request in some cases demand money for ongoing site maintenance, be sure to pay the Web Master some money from time to time. It may appear that they are just sitting there meandering around but an honest Web Master is really getting things done. You are bright, question the hell out of your Web Master, ask him, ‘what exactly are you doing’, most important try to be friends with your Web Master it will save a lot of money over time.

  5. Step Five. Go about your normal daily routine and Relax. Your Web Master has everything under control.

Please note graigcarter023, these 5 steps will give you an online ‘presence’. After you have found a reliable Web Master you will want an Ad guy/gal for Advertising your online Furniture Store.

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