Does new technology will enhance the SEO?

Does new technology will enhance the SEO? Based on HTML5 , XHTML can anyone explain how it is going change or bring any difference in optimizing the serch

It is unlikely that these new technologies will make any difference to SEO. In terms of on-page SEO, which is where they could have an effect, they offer very little in the way of additional semantics over and above what HTML4 offers, and over the years Google has got extremely good at interpreting HTML4 pages.

SEO is absolutely not about the technology and more about the information on the page combined with the links to it.

In this case the technology you’re using to create that page is largely (if not entirely) irrelevant. About the only minor exception to that rule is RSS which can give some ranking increases if implemented properly (e.g. using feedburner, feeds are submitted to RSS directories, AND PEOPLE ARE SUBSCRIBING TO THEM).

Technology can make it easier but not enhance it. I’m not sure what do you actually mean by enhance.

Agree with Stevie D, even so far there’s not any significant changing except for changes for made by Google themeself