HTML 5 Is Useful For SEO

My Name Is Mahesh Gangurde
I Am Student Of Digital Marketing.
Can Anybody Tell Me Is HTML 5 Is Useful For Search Engine Optimization.

Welcome to the forums, @maheshji.

Proper document structure is useful for SEO, but it doesn’t matter whether you use HTML4, HTML5 or xhtml - just ensure it’s used correctly. Does that answer your question?

You can look at adding microdata in your HTML5, but that has the potential to become quite unwieldy for long term support if you go too far with it.

To add to @TechnoBear’s answer also make a sitemap for users on the website and submit one for google to better understand your structure and better discover your pages on your website :wink:

Its the latest version so it will be fine for SEO.

I’ve found it beneficial to use article, header and nav from html5 to improve my serps. I think, but can’t prove this, that by marking up all pages like this, it lets google disregard parts of the page that are fluff (ie nav, footer) so it makes the article bit stronger in its eyes. That’s just my gut feel and I have no way of actually proving it, sorry.

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