SEO future in 2014

Hi guys, just a few years back seo was not that tricky so what is new could be expected from search engines in 2014 ? :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: Well as per my concern, there is nothing to do so much special in 2014 in SEO to promote any websites. Because, we already know the latest term and condition of Google after update for SEO, Unique content, theme based, concentrate on quality not on quantity of links or blah blah blah. So just follow the rules of white hat seo then every thing will be fine and site will get organic rank in Search engine

Before this thread goes wandering off course, can I just remind everybody that the question was

what is new could be expected from search engines in 2014 ?

So, what do you think the search engines will be doing or changing in the coming year? What innovations might we see? Will there be big changes in the way they work, or will things stay much as they are? What are your views?

Any posts which only have general comments about SEO will be considered off-topic and deleted as fluff.

The main difference (over the last couple of years) is that google has wised up to spam. So, if you want to rank, you really have to create good content and good links. If you try what worked before, like thousands of low quality links or article spinning, it will not work anymore.

The search engines are becoming smarter at looking at content the way a real person would. So SEO will be less important in 2014 than it has been this year.

Making your pages user friendly to real people has always been more important than SEO and will be even more so in the future as the search engines continue to imporve.

So SEO is more about off page strategies ?? To this point even there is lot of margin for off page SEO if we talk about SMM. Well its just my point of view!

By the end of 2014 SEO probably will not exist. Google will focus more on the behavior of your visitors rather than on things that can easily be manipulated such as your backlinks.

a bigger emphasis on social integration in 2014 and querys that answer the question with the knowledge graph. Local will change the most in 2014 IMO

One of the things you have to do now for SEO are relations with other people in your niche or related niches. The more people you know, the more people that can promote your content, offer a guest post opportunity or tweet your content.

I think the social aspect of our businesses will become even more important than ever.

Google are clearly making a big push with Google+ so I would expect that to be at the center of their plans.

So, what expect from SEO? I think Google put more attention to content, authority with Google Plus, relevancy. There are left a little bit things from off-page seo that worked earlier. I agree with @Gregdavidson. Google look at the behavior of your visitors. I proved again that a website with good content can survive in SEO 2014.

I think this is spot on.
If people click on a link in the SERPs, Google notices
If people stay at a site (or bounce off), Google notices.

Concentrate on on-page SEO and you will do fine.
And by on-page SEO, I don’t mean things like meta tags and keyword density.
I mean having valid semantic mark-up and good content.

Hi! i expect that on 2014 new release for seo tools and be more specific on reporting output and also for emarkting need a lot of new strategies that can help us. Thank you for this it is like seo new year resolution.

To remind everybody once again, this thread is about what search engines will be doing in 2014.

Any posts which only have general comments about SEO will be considered off-topic and deleted as fluff.

You are absolutely correct that SEO is not an easy thing to do as it was couple of years ago, with the constant updated in google algorithm, SEO people are now have to come up with new techniques and strategies regularly, otherwise they will not get the desired results. But the basic things would still remain the same e.g. unique and quality content and high quality niche based backlinks.

OH I agree vehemently.
Perhaps we can overcome the current Search Engine Obsession and, beginning in 2014, focus on Content Optimization!
Effective communication - to include proper spelling and grammar - will provide more value to the web universe than stuffing or manipulating ‘magic words’ on the page.

PR ( page rank ) will be no more for any website. Now only PA ( page authority )and DA ( domain authority ) will be checked. If your PA and DA is more than 50 , then it is very good for your website and the most important thing is original content for your website. It means fresh and meaning full content without any grammatical mistake.


Things will be the same as per user experience. They still want the same. Quality pages for users.

For our part, the approach will become more complex and should be for user convenience. For me the way we present websites to search engine users will be the difference but will end up making a page for real people. Also, it will be more on marketing and not solely on rankings and link building.