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I'm using 2 domains for my website now for over a year. till recent days, Google was using my preferred domain a.com and seemed not caring b.com. Google didn't penalize me for having 2 domains for 1 website.

Nowadays interesting days I'm having. Google suddenly begun preferring b.com over a.com. I lost some of keywords where a.com was in first page. b.com begun to take over a.com in search results but not as high as a.com.

my sitemap file is on a.com and Google begun deleting a.com URLs of my sitemap.

I'm waiting at the moment how it will result at the end. a kind of experiment for me.

any similar experience?


What are the advantages of having two domains to the same site? Does it help in SEO?When you are having secondary domain,it is creating a duplicate content.I believe duplicate content is a bad thing.When you have multiple domains,you will have to double your SEO work.


my b.com domain has a special keyword in it. so I have thought I could use the power of it.

Google doesn't penalize same different domains. It penalizes websites copying other website's content. My situation is not this.


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