Does Google like .co

I would like the opinion of some intelligent SitePointians. I am interested in purchasing new domain names related to for sale by owner. An example of a {topic] site is http://www.{topic}.com. I am considering the purchase of a .co domain name that would be similar in content.

Does anyone know if Google accepts this domain name as if it was a .com?

i remember .me have some dns problem(dns will changes so slowly or it couldn’t do it ) so you choose .com

Im just curious what kind of problems they were? Can you please post more information about that here?

I suppose that is a differnt question here. In any case he is seeking for some SEO benefits not about domain name usage.

You can sure google will index .com and .co , but some TDLs have some problems for example
i remember .me have some dns problem(dns will changes so slowly or it couldn’t do it ) so you choose .com .

I suppose that google pay attention to the web site content first of all. And it does not apy any attention on the domain name at all. So please be patient about that.

Google indexes any valid domain with a valid TLD.

I’m finding users are finding .co to be confusing. They keep adding the “m” on the end, expecting it to be .com.

I don’t think there will be a problem with .co if you wish only SEO benefits. Well there is not better way to understand than trying it but with .co you will have the chance to buy better domain names. Plus it depends on which market do you aim. Do you want the first positions in or in other google

I agree. Those domain names free, and one day you gain good SEO results and be happy but another day you may lose all domain names you have and SEO efforts will be wasted.
I do not want tell something bad about free domain names. But if you are going to be serious about the WEB that worth to spend a tad more. And $10-12 per year for GTLD that is not so big price at all.

The .co domain is like the .ws, its nice to have one with your name but its almost worthless :slight_smile: Google loves even .info more and you will have a higher ranking.

I suppose that foofle love or not love your web site only because of your content. That does not matter for them at all which domain name extension your web site has. That was tested and confirmed several times.

If you are doing right SEO campaign it’s no matter what extension you have, the results will come