Does Google consider nofollow links when ranking a site?

Who said that “nofollow” links are not help?
Do you think that the organic natural link which is not looking as the bought in ees of Google should be only “do,follow”? I think you`re not right here…Links with “nofollow:” are praticallt the same as the title or description of a page - I mean if it exist - it OK, but if not - you will have problems…
Sites with natural list of backlinks consist of about 60% “nofollow” links if you look at it…

I said they will not help you rank on search engines. Perhaps I should only have said that they won’t help you rank on Google, as I’m not 100% certain other search engines ignore them, but it’s pretty clear that Google does.

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I know this Google guide. But actually it means that if your site add “nofollow” for links - it will not damage your site… But for the site on which it refers is an additional plus. Understood my idea?

So you are saying that when links are not follow links even though those links won’t directly help ranking, they “help” because they make the other links “look” more “natural”?

This assumes that backlinks are of primary importance for positioning in the SERPs

I’m not so convinced.

For example, do a Search for “community.sitepoint com” - I get “About 359,000 results”
Now try a Search for “links:community.sitepoint com” - I get “About 64,800 results”

The first 30 pages in the SERPs are SitePoint pages - i.e. internal links, not backlinks.

IMHO as a single page site doesn’t have “real” internal links to other pages - though perhaps to sections of the same page - this is something to consider.

I do understand your idea, and it is incorrect. I suggest you watch the Matt Cutts video on the page I linked to above, as he explains the fact very clearly.

I watched this video. in controversial moments Google gives ambiguous answers and it differs in practice from what they say. If Ill open the lis of backlinks of large and authoritative sites Ill not see there only “follow” links

Interesting. Do you have an example of a “link:” search that returns pages that have links that are not follow links?

Moz Open Site Explorer will show “nofollow” links in its results. That doesn’t mean that any of the search engines use them in ranking. Google clearly state that they do not, and in the absence of more authoritative evidence to the contrary, I see no reason to doubt that.


If you cant see it on google it doesnt mean that Google doesn`t have any additional hidden internal index of such links. Moreover, I think G uses it in backlink analysis. Understand?

I think so. You’re guessing that you know better what Google does than what Google has repeatedly said it does and doesn’t do.

But - you have nothing to back up your claim.


Google knows what to say and also he knows what to do and also this two qualities of google can be different. I’m not saying anything instead of Google. I`m just giving your anther point of view which also has the right to live. Someone will agree with my conjecture, someone will only consider it while working with backlinks and you, for example are not agree… It normal. And I think we should create single thread with comparison of what google says and how the things are going on practise with that…)

I don’t have a problem with that - if you can provide reliable evidence to back up your claims that what Google says is not the same as what Google actually does. Otherwise all we have is conjecture and unsubstantiated opinion.

SEO is full of rumour, opinion and outdated information and “advice”. Rather than just add to the murk, we like to provide authoritative sources to back up what is said. I’m quite happy to be proven wrong in my belief, if you can provide some reliable evidence. But I would urge any newcomer to SEO to rely only on facts and information from the search engines themselves, or similar authoritative sources, rather than simply accept opinions they read online.

Of course, newcomers should follow only Google instructions, but the others with their experiences sohould give their facts…

About the “nofollow” the fact is that I have noticed that the most part of large popular resources that are referenced by a huge amount of different sites (they has a natural list of backlinks without spam) have a lot of “nofollow” links…
Anyway, I think that we should analyze backlinks of huge sites (those who presumably do not buy they links) to understand the trends and patterns in building success backlink list.

No, they are opinions. And since they contradict with what Google says (aka the company that actually DOES the indexing), it’s quite silly to think of Google as liars (and your opinions as facts), which is what you think.

In some point I am agree with @Tete that Google show the no follow link in the backlink report. But the way tete is connecting with Google Search ranking Algorithm is not right.

Well Google will display all the backlink from webmaster it does not matter if its a no-follow or do-follow link thats because you can control your backlinks if you are getting backlink from low quality content or relevant webpage like porn or gambling and you can remove those backlink which can affect your website ranking.

But it doesn’t mean that you will get any Organic Ranking benefits from nofollow website.

Also I want to clear that no follow links are not useless every time, because if you put a no follow backlink from a page where every day 500+ visitor are coming then I believe that no-follow links are beneficial because they can get referral traffic from it.

Agreed. I don’t think anybody’s disputing that “nofollow” links have their place and can be useful for traffic. But that’s a separate issue to the question in this topic, so let’s not allow ourselves to get sidetracked by it.

Of course, I agree with you. generally, the conclusion of this debate is:

  • Google considers nofollow links;
  • They can bring traffic from other sites;
  • They can not bring any organic traffic;

And the last question for all: how do you think - what the average ration of follow/nofollow links should be?

It`s depend for what purpose you want to generate the no-follow & do-follow links for your website.

I think that seems to be just your conclusion, since everyone else seems to be of the opinion that they aren’t followed since that is what google specifically states that nofollow links are not accessed unless they are included in the sites sitemap - which kinda defeats the purpose of the nofollow. @chrismorgan said they show on the backlink report, but that does NOT mean there’s a SERP affect. It’s just a method to show you where your pages are being linked from.

there should be a balance between follow and no follow links but both helps!


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