Does Google AdWords Really Help?

I have an automotive forum that I would like to target specific enthusiasts and was curious if anyone with related forums has actually seen and increase in new registrations/traffic with setting up adwords? Going to look further into it, but looking for some first hand experience.

yes, if you add your website on your keyword at Google AdWords ,you target your website for some time.

but you need spend a lot of money…

Yes, Adwords can get very spendy, but it will work. If your paying an average of .10 - .25 a click it adds up fast!!

Adwords is best used for promoting a product that is for sale, that’s why affiliate marketers love it so much.


You need skills to use adwords to promote your products,
how to choose the right keywords and have a lower price to target your visitors?
it’s very important otherwise you will only spend money but no return,

Google adwords really helps you to gain your traffic. As long as you have a budget with it. And be sure you have selected the right keyword to adwords. Why don’t you just participate in all cars forums. So that your forum will be recognized.


It depends how comfortable you are as an Affiliate marketer. If you have been around more than a year and have tried out organic traffic driving using proper Keyword Analysis and other SEO techniques which delivers at no extra cost, then do thorough research for your niche. If you are promoting products, using long tail keywords would get you 3rd level traffic - that has gone thru the initial product survey - level 1, product comparison - level 2 stage.

a good example would be a panasonic handycam of specific model no and features

Just a handycam would come under level 1 , panasonic handycam as a part of keyword would still be level - 2, whereas if you target the specific model no alongwith the brand and product it would be a level 3 long tail keyword that are comparatively not very expensive due to lack of competing keywords. Further you would have targetted the advance level prospective buyers who are about to make a sale.

hope this helps.


Adwords is a good option when you can measure the results, keyword by keyword. It may be hard to track how much value visitors coming via adwords are bringing to your site.

I used one time Google Adword is so good to get targeted traffic to your site and has amazing tool which is keyword tool,
But you must have good budget to spend over advertising.

Does Adwords itself let you track how well keywords are performing?

And when you guys say “good budget” how much are you talking daily?

I would opt for free promotion routes like finding specialist forums related to your niche

i used it and I dont like it

Yes, you can track your keywords and how much they are costing you per click.

“good budget” is relative really. It depends on your niche. You can go $20-100 on up.

Just my 2 cents…