Freelance to Fulltime


would you hire someone who did freelance for 3 years but worked for other companies previously?

I am looking for a job and I did nothing but freelance for the past 3 years. Do I have a chance in getting hired vs to those who worked fulltime inhouse?

Freelancing is not any easier than working in the corporate world, it just has different requirements. For instance, if you’re a freelancer you need to be far more independent and driven where a corporate employee needs to be comfortable navigation company politics.

Think about the skills you’ve acquired as a freelancer and look for a job that thrives on those skills. Most likely it puts you in a better place for technical management.

I would personally, although I would have to verify your reasons for coming back to a company in the first place. If it’s because you couldn’t make it on your own, I would be reluctant. However if it’s for something like “I just had a kid and need some stability”, that’s a whole different story.

As Hyperbolik said, being able to make it on your own for three years says a lot about your skills. Many companies are in need of people like that.

Most definitely I have hired several people who have lots of freelance experience vs inhouse people in the same industry. I’ve seen more outside of the box thinking from some of them. Go through all your good projects, document what you did for them and how it helped that company. I think it’s just as valuable. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to apply anywhere.

Agreed, freelancing is a pretty competitive business. Most businesses would seriously consider someone who’s managed to make it on their own for a period of time (showing business savvy and solid technical skills) to become part of their own organisation. As long as you can prove your accomplishments during that period you could make yourself a worthy candidate. Experience is certainly a factor which is considered when contracting someone into a full time position. :slight_smile: