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I’m in process of Developing the website. Do I need to consider keywords during web development stage at this early stage or Need to wait for web site to get completed and then work on SEO.

What all things do be followed during web development stage?? Please suggest.

What is the starting point to give importance of SEO since I need to hire someone for same.

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Hi stevejohn121 and welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

If you’re new to SEO, I suggest you read this article from Google, and also download and follow the “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” mentioned on that page. Both will give you a good grounding.

Before developing a website, you need to work out on your business area and accordingly search on on the keywords related to your business and work on content writing and as well website design and development

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Hello Steve,

like any other business, don’t treat it differently because it’s online. Think at a fashion store. Before opening they do some market research like: where to buy or rent the place (your case what domain to buy), clients that they are targeting because you can’t please everybody in fashion. That’s the same thing you need to do too. Make a plan and think at the keywords that will represent your business. They are very important because they will build up the image and your brand. Don’t pick them random because if you do that you will end up in seeing that either you lose too much money or clients delay to enter to your store (reasons: too much competition and hard to get to them, or not enough competition). Exactly like in the real life.
The next steps like image, content,advertise are very important because a good website will always be visited and loved by the clients. Don’t be cheap when it’s about your image. A good website it’s like your home. Better image better reviews and much more awareness on engines merged with a good content.



If you are creating a website to earn money from it, first research on your keyword. Use Adword Keyword Tool to check if it has enough monthly searches and use your brain to check if it’s low competition. Without doping proper keyword research, creating a website (to earn money) is a waste of time.

Steps would be:

  1. Keyword Research (Using Adword Keyword Tool) [This is second most important step]
  2. Competitor Analysis (Using Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer)
  3. Set Budget for SEO, Content Creation, Theme and other customization.
  4. Content Creation (Write yourself or use freelancers from oDesk) [Third important step]
  5. Wordpress Installation (or any other CMS that you like) and installing a niche related theme.
  6. Publish Article
  7. Add Site to Google Webmaster Tools, submit sitemap and use Fetch as Google to get your site indexed in minutes
  8. Create 3-4 backlinks, mix of dofollow and nofollow with diverse anchor daily. (This is the most important part)

@TechnoBear, how I can be sure that I created correct XML sitemap? I see that I have it: but it’s pointing to the weirdo page, or it should be like that? Thank you in advance!

That link hits a 404 page.

@ralphm splat! I see it, thank you, Ralph!

great post seo - tips during web development stage , read google seo rule and make seo friendly website ,


If you want to make website as per the google seo techniques, add proper kewords related to your business and proper title and metatags and headings.


Hi all, I am new to this forum and is expecting a long lasting bonding with all the members of this forum. Coming on the query made here, I would like to add few points in my answer:

  • As you have started your website development, I would recommend you to first complete he task of website development. The reason behind is that to perform On Page SEO, you have to devote yourself for it totally as the Points to be considered have already been mentioned above by @The_Star .

  • So, it will be good to divide your complete task into two. First is to complete the website development and then as soon as your website is ready to be love on internet, you can start your SEO process on it.

  • Most of the time the website is testes on a testing server or the local server. So in both the cases, Google/Search Engine will not crawl your website and no SEO issue will occur.

Most of the important parts of SEO relate to 1) the content and 2) basic, good quality coding. Both of these should be attended to before the site is launched—in other words, while it’s being planned and/or created. It’s the after-launch shenanigans that tend to give SEO a bad name.

Beside all SEO on-page elements don’t forget to make your website’s design ’ responsive ’ that means optimize for mobiles too

Error free code, multi browser compatibility, responsive design and optimize the pages for fast loading

When you do web development tasks you keep in mind that our site is responsive design there is no error or waring, page loading time is fast or not, having the tendency to work on any platform, give right HTML tags and many more. It all over we keep in mind while we do any site work as point of seo.

Ya I agree with Glennmartin,I like to add few points target the keyword which directly hits your site.Long keywords are preferable for the sites.

Thanks everyone, the OP has never returned so apparently has found the answer

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