How ti deal with my computer?

My computer notices that “there are some trouble with your system, we can’t figure it out” although I have used it a short time before. What’s wrong with it? Please help me.

What OS is being used?

Has windows or any other software applied any updates recently?

Is the anti-virus software up to date (and has a full system scan been run recently)?

What program is giving the error?

Maybe you catched some kind of virus?

I think it’s probably virus or malware that causes this to your computer. Have you consulted a computer expert for this?

It’s ok now. I have brought it to computer store and it was fixed. thanks all

Did they tell you what was the problem?

what was actually the problem…?

but what was the issue john?

[COLOR=#008000]I’m closing this thread as it appears that the OP has solved the problem they had with their computer, if the problem occurs again, they can use the report post button to request that this thread be re-opened.

Thread closed.