Integrate paypal cart with google shopping cart

Is there a way to integrate paypal cart with google shopping cart?

You will need to use 3rd party shopping cart software which supports both the PayPal and Google Checkout payment processors in their checkout process, something like Mal’s:

ok, so you couldn’t just do it on your own? It seems as if google has a checkout process that they want me to place a js on my site in order for the actual cart to appear. Once something gets added to the cart you see it automatically added. PayPal uses a system where they give you code for a add to cart button to be placed on your website and no actual cart js type code. You just add it to the cart, you’re taken to the cart and then you’ve gotta click continue shopping to continue on. I like googles system but want to integrate paypal so that when someone wants to buy something they don’t need a google account. thus the idea to integrate. Like what they’ve done here - Now this looks to be coldfusion and I’m a newbee at coldfusion so I wouldn’t know how to build a cart system from scratch. I know a little bit and I consider myself to be an intermediate/professional web developer. have any other ideas?

That might the newest innovation for Google however this integration has not been done.:slight_smile:

Google has own payment system, not sure if they will integrate PayPal with google shopping cart.

It is better to use 3rd party oepn source shopping cart system.